April 6, 2020

Top-10 Zoom Meeting Backgrounds

This week we are doing a radical lane change from articles to something a little different — Zoom meeting backgrounds. For those that are unfamiliar, the popular video conferencing solution allows you to set a virtual background and then removes everything except the people from the frame, placing your image or video as the background (just like a green screen).

Below, you will find ten of my favorite backgrounds that have been shared thus far. From the Tiger King on a background of fluorescent lasers to some of your childhood movies and TV shows, these backgrounds will hopefully help you keep things fresh on your work or school calls and might even be a conversation starter to get the ball rolling.

I will keep adding to this list, so please send me suggestions via DM on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. I will happily attribute the find to you!

We will be back next week with your regularly scheduled must-reads, suggestions are more than welcome.

1. Joe Exotic “Tiger King”

This is just Joe in all his gay, redneck glory posing with one of his 200-something tigers. Some lasers for added effect mean that you will be a showstopper on your weekly stand-up meeting.

2. This is Fine

One of my favorite memes, except now you can be the star! If your project is going through a tricky time or you feel like your notes are starting to look like alien writing, this might be the choice for you.

3. Distracted Boyfriend

Let the rest of your video call know that you are an object of desire when you place yourself into this popular meme of a very distracted boyfriend and his disgusted girlfriend. I’m guessing the rest of his day didn’t go so well.

4. Recording at The Office

Though there is an unfortunately low chance of Michael Scott bursting in on your video call, this background gives you the opportunity to pretend you are a member of an iconic TV show for a little while. Just make sure to give Toby some shit while you are on the call, he was definitely the Scranton Strangler.

5. Toilet Paper Stockpile

Remember when the store shelves used to look like this? Before the pooping crisis of 2020 hit? Well, now the shit has hit the proverbial fan and all you have to remember the good-old-days is this background.

6. Father on BBC

For some people, the idea of interrupting children might be a little too real, but it doesn’t make this background any less funny. I love this kid and respect the mom for the hustle in running in and grabbing her pretty quickly. For those that don’t remember this, the video can be found here.

7. Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.


This one might be a little niche, but I love it too much to not include. For lovers of Phineas and Ferb, this background is sure to be a showstopper. Also, there is a 100% chance I am going to be watching some of these two weirdos on Disney+ this evening.

8. Toy Story

No Woody or Buzz, but this iconic background is easily recognizable and instantly brings wholesome childhood memories to even the most scrooge-like of video conferencers.

9. Welcome to the Good Place

Even though everything on your call might not be fine, this reassuring message displayed to the recently dead characters of the Good Place might help to smooth things over a bit.

10. The Mugshot

Yea, you should have seen this one coming. Maybe save it for talking to your parents or fraternity brothers for a good laugh, but the mugshot background is a classic and should always be included in any good Zoom background rotation.

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